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If you're suffering from The Middleman withdrawal as badly as I am, then rejoice — the implausibly awesome superhero TV show is coming to DVD at last.


The complete first season will hit your shelves this summer. Writes show creator Javier Grillo-Marxuach:

produced by the good folk of shout! factory (the incredible episode-box artisans who created amazing sets for "freaks and geeks," "my so-called life" and MST3K) - the DVDs will be out in time for the san diego comic-con and will be chock-full of the kind of extra goodness you have come to expect from the middleteam...


Hopefully those extras will include more details about the show's abortive thirteenth episode, plus tons of extra clips and stuff. (More Lacey mascot dancing?) But you know that this is only the start of your obligation, right? Once the DVDs are out there, you'll have to convert all your friends and try to ensure Firefly-esque DVD sales, which are the only way we'll ever see MM and WW in action again. [Thanks Hannah!]

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