Drop everything — the Bald Eagle Cam is back!

Have you ever wanted to spy on a bald eagle, watch one hatch, or watch one learn to fly? Then it's time to put everything going on in your life on hold... at least for the next few months. The Decorah Bald Eagle Cam — aka the most powerful time-devouring procrastination tool on the entire internet — is back.

Let the countdown to eaglet hatching begin.

Featured below is a live-streaming video feed of an 80-foot-high bald eagle nest in Decorah, Iowa. The camera was positioned by The Raptor Resource Project. In 2011, the first of three eggs hatched on April second. This year, the baby eagles are expected to hatch sometime in the same March—April time window; but you can check in on the parents-to-be in the weeks ahead by keeping an eye on the live webcam featured here.

Live Video app for Facebook by Ustream

[Via the Raptor Resource Project]


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