Will 2014 be the year you witness a baby bald eagle hatching live, on camera? NOT IF YOU LOOK AWAY, IT WON'T.

Above: The female eagle flies from the nest as the male flies in (2/9/14) | Photo Credit: Berry Eagles Photo Gallery


It's that time of year again – the time of year when productivity the world over grinds to a halt, in the name of watching two bald eagles tend their nest, live, on the Internet:

Live streaming video by Ustream

This year's spectacle comes by way of Berry College in Mount Berry, Ga., where a pair of bald eagles has lived since 2012. The couple returned to its aerie last September, and produced the first of two eggs in mid-January. That first egg hatched just four days ago, on February 22. It was majestic:

Egg number 2 has yet to hatch, and that means you should, at the very minimum, have a tab permanently open that you can check in on every thirty seconds or so for at least the next few days. This is the absolute LEAST you can do. A better course of action would be to go ahead and press play on the livestream, full screen that bad boy and phone for a pizza or four. The delivery guy can let himself in. And tell them to bring water. You'll need water.

[Berry's Eagles via Slate]


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