Drinking wine with cheese fondue causes late-night "cheese baby syndrome"

Have you ever eaten lots of cheese with wine, only to find that you've got a giant, uncomfortable "cheese baby" in your stomach for hours afterward? Now researchers with the British Medical Journal have discovered why.

In a paper published in the BMJ's notoriously silly Christmas issue, a group of Swiss medical researchers tackled the crucial question of whether it's better to eat cheese fondue with white wine or black tea. Apparently this is a topic of some debate in Switzerland, and it has relevance for the rest of the cheese-eating world as well. As you can see in the video, the researchers gathered at a fondue restaurant, where half of them drank wine and half drank black tea with their fondue. They ingested a harmless chemical with their cheese, and then measured how quickly that chemical was digested by taking several breathalizer tests throughout the meal.


The results? Drinking wine severely retards the digestion of cheese and bread. Indeed, one person had an fMRI taken of his stomach several hours after eating the wine, cheese, and bread - and there was still a recognizable lump of "cheese baby" in his stomach, surrounded by a layer of liquid (probably the wine.) Those who drank the black tea did not have the same problem.

Nevertheless, one researcher said he would continue to drink wine with his fondue - but maybe only on weekends, when he has more time to digest.

You can read the full scientific paper at the British Medical Journal.

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