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Drinking Can Help Boost Your Immune System, And Other Wellness Fun Facts

Does chicken soup really have healing powers? Does an apple a day really keep the doctor away? And what's so special about garlic, anyway? This short video from AsapSCIENCE breaks down the science behind sick remedies that work (and don't).

Via Laughing Squid.


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So much wrong with this video it's embarrassing. I only say this because I hold science communicators to a much higher standard than most other media personalities. The beneficial effects of "natural" or "home" remedies is a fairly nuanced subject that requires much more research than "a double-blind" study or even a single meta analysis*. The truth is that although some of the benefits he cited are supported by some evidence, there is very little consensus for some of the claims the video makes, and some of the claims are dismissed outright by the medical community (like vitamin C preventing cancer).

*There may have been more research done the papers cited, but given the claims made didn't do nearly enough.