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Still bummed there won’t be a Hellboy 3? There’s no better way to ease the pain than by consuming mass quantities of an off-brand Fireball inspired by the “red hot” comic book character. Actually, I can think of several better ways, but most of them involve chainsaws, starting fires, and blood moons.

Dark Horse Comics and Prestige Imports have announced they’re working with XXX Distillery to produce Hellboy Hell Water Cinnamon Whiskey. According to the press release, it’s made from an old-fashioned corn whiskey, “natural ingredients,” and spring water. And sure, adding the word “water” to your whiskey is not the best marketing tactic, but it’s 66.6 proof! But wait, 66.6 isn’t actually that high a number (that means roughly a third of it is pure alcohol), but it’s funny because he’s a demon!

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Hell Water Cinnamon Whiskey launches at XXX Distillery’s Pigeon Forge, Tennessee location on Friday. Meanwhile, Hellboy 3 launches never.



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