Drink until you're green

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The Sierra Club provides evidence that they throw the best parties here, with an extensive list of (figuratively) green liquors.


Arguably the most impressive is Flor de Cana rum, which uses sugar from a mill that generates 30 percent of Nicaragua's electricity. There's also a comment from the founder of the first carbon-neutral spirits company, VeeV Acai Spirits. When you're counting down the last seconds of 2010, be dissolute morally, not environmentally.

Via The Sierra Club.

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Flor de Caña (pronounced canya) not Flor de Cana. Cana is "grey hair" in Spanish, or jail or the cops/pigs in some places. Caña is, of course, (sugar)cane. Ñ is a distinct letter from N in Spanish. Character Map (System Tools/Accesories) in PCs is great for these unusual characters.