Drew Barrymore Devours Flesh in the Trailer For Santa Clarita Diet

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Netflix’s new show, Santa Clarita Diet, looks really messed up.

It stars Drew Barrymore as a real estate agent who dies, but not really. She’s undead, a zombie, and must survive on human flesh. However, she also wants to maintain her nice, suburban life with her kids and husband (Timothy Olyphant). Which means they’re all going to have to team up. Think The Walking Dead meets Desperate Housewives by way of Dexter, and the trailer is here.

Santa Clarita Diet was created by Victor Fresco, who did Better Off Ted and Andy Richter Controls the Universe. Those are shows you may not have heard but each was pretty quirky and out there, which didn’t quite mesh with a traditional network audience. Netflix isn’t beholden to those rules, though, so it feels like it could be a great place for the show to thrive.

Ten episodes of Santa Clarita Diet premiere February 3.


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Angrier Geek

Can someone explain to me the current fascination with zombies? I know these cycles usually reflect society somehow, but I can’t find the connection.