Dreamworks Makes Our SF Movie Dream A Priority

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Newly independent movie studio Dreamworks has put together a list of movies that they're considering "high priority" projects - and amongst them are two movies that you'll probably be seeing a lot more of on this site in the future. One of them, Cowboys & Aliens, we've told you about before, but the second - Well, it may just be our new favorite movie, even if it never gets made.The Hollywood Reporter describes the second movie, Real Steel, like this:

The futuristic boxing movie is being penned by "Dante's Peak" scribe Les Bohem, who created and wrote the Spielberg-executive produced Sci Fi Channel show "Taken."


If the thought of Taken's Bohem bringing some of his Dante's Peak insane volcano mojo to the future of boxing isn't enough to entice you, you might be interested in another description of the movie that we found online:

Story takes place in the near future where 2000-lbs robots duke it out in the boxing ring. It follows a boxing promoter who takes his human fighter into the rings against the robots.

Okay, first of all: That sounds like a Vin Diesel movie if ever there was one. And secondly, "2000-lbs robots duke it out in the boxing ring"? It's The Rock-Em Sock-Em Robots movie. Sure, it's not officially being called that or anything, but come on; giant boxing robots? We all know what that means. And to think, it was just the other day that Charlie was asking for this to happen... DreamWorks sets priority lineup [Hollywood Reporter]


Charlie Jane Anders

Bwa ha ha ha! Final proof that I control Hollywood!