Great amazing fantastic change-your-life Star Wars news. Remember the "so awesome I want to curl into a ball and die" tauntaun sleeping bag? Well, actual production is lumbering forward like a great snow beast. But will LucasFilm approve it?

The L.A. Times spoke to the folks over at Think Geek for an important update on the status of the tauntaun sleeping bag, which was originally just a prank — until the fans found it and demanded it become a reality. First, the most important announcement. In the interview, Think Geek's PR rep Shane Peterman explained that:

Right now, we're aiming to have it available 
for the holidays, or at the latest, the 30th anniversary of The Empire 
Strikes Back next spring.


Excuse me what? Well that's just wonderful, but until then...they have to do battle with Emperor George Lucas for the rights. Fortunately, LucasFilm seems open.

We're still working with Lucas to get approval for a final design. Again, it's looking good, we just can't say too much right now since it's still in the works.

Sadly it will probably not cost the original fake price of $39, due to the expense involved in making it. And yes, right now, somewhere out there, there is a real tauntaun prototype floating around. Make it happen, guys.

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