The Lithuanian movie Vanishing Waves has gotten a ton of buzz for its beautiful psychosexual weirdness. Now the directors of that film, Kristina Buožytė and Bruno Samper, are working on a movie about bio-art, called Emergence. Check out concept art and the first synopsis!

The image above is art by Samper himself. And here's some art by Killian Eng:


According to Twitch Film, Emergence has received development funding from the local film institute in Lithuania. And here's our first official synopsis:

Evolution is an ascent towards consciousness.

EMERGENCE - it's a fantasy neo noir. Blending an orientalist atmosphere with wonders of synthetic biology and creative bio-design, this metaphysical story explores the themes of free will and deep human desire for the marvelous and mystery.

LAMARCK, a professional art appraiser, is tricked into coming to Morocco where he's confronted with have to deal with the legacy of his FATHER who was a brilliant bioengineer. Despite his initial reluctance, Lamarck enters a captivating and surrealistic world of bio-artists' community where he's compelled to solve the mystery of his Father's masterpiece - an extraordinary, but dying, conscious synthetic Organism in the form of a marvelous garden.

After getting to know the community's leader, an elegant & charismatic woman, CIRCE, Lamarck finds out that he is the only one who has power to save the Organism, even if it's against his will. Lost in the net of manipulation, will he manage to run away from his past or assume his legacy which could have repercussions for all humankind?

[via Twitch Film]

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