Dreadstar, The Craziest Scifi Comic Of The '80s, Is Coming To TV

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When we last checked in on the live-action adaptation of Jim Starlin's totally whacked out '80s scifi comic Dreadstar, it had aspirations of being a movie. But now Universal has stepped in with aims of making a Dreadstar TV series. Anything that gets us the maximum amount of Dreadstar is okay by us.


As I mentioned last time, here's the Wikipedia summary of the comic's plot, which doesn't really do its craziness justice:

The series centered on the exploits of Vanth Dreadstar and his crew — powerful mystic Syzygy Darklock, the cybernetic telepath Willow, cat-like humanoid Oedi, and freebooter Skeevo. Vanth, newly arrived in the Empirical Galaxy after the events ofMetamorphosis Odyssey, tries to live a pastoral existence on Oedi's planet of peaceful cat-people, but his peace is disturbed by the arrival of Darklock, who wants him to get involved in the conflict between the two major forces in the galaxy, the Monarchy and the theocratical Instrumentality.

None of this mentions the space cannibals, the god-babies, the magic Infinity Horn, or the fact that Vanth is the one who destroyed the Milky Way galaxy (long story). While we liked the idea of a Dreadstar movie, we love the idea of a Dreadstar TV series — only a continuing show has a chance at accurately encapsulating the comic's epic insanity.

Universal does a lot of shows for USA (Monk, Psych, Suits) and Syfy (Warehouse 13, Defiance, 12 Monkeys) — I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess this show, should it come to fruition, may just possibly be a Syfy original. Just a hunch!


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