Dramatic images of a snake battling a crocodile—then swallowing it

In case you needed a reminder that Australian animals are terrifying, witness the epic battle between a crocodile and a snake in the Australian Outback, followed by the snake's gluttonous victory.


Yesterday, folks enjoying their Sunday at Lake Moondarra near Mount Isa were treated to the sight of the struggle between a ten-foot snake, likely a python, and a crocodile. The five-hour fight between the predators began in the water, with the snake rolling the crocodile around so that it could better wrap itself around the croc's body and the crocodile working to keep its head out of the water.


Once the snake had killed the crocodile, it dragged the body out of the water, opened its mouth, and proceeded to swallow the beast. You can see more photos from the fight at BBC News and the Brisbane Times; the latter shows the last bit of crocodile tail sticking out of the snake's mouth.

[via Nerdcore]

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Oh my gosh.

So many questions in my head right now! So what if the target is a little bit longer than the snake? Can it abort and unroll itself out like an uncomfortable socks? I kind of think that the snake is not smart enough to give a quick guesstimate if the target can fit before proceeding to chow down.

Can the snake's asshole open as big as it's mouth? That croc skull is going to be a bitch to pass.

And can the snake even move now? I kind of doubt that it's going to start rolling sideways.