Dragons vs. Helicopters - Who Wins?

This is probably my favorite giant monster scene ever, just because it shows dragons fighting helicopters. I'm not sure why it's so satisfying, but my heart just leaps when that huge snakey dragon BITES A HELICOPTER. With his MOUTH. Oh, you need back story? This is a clip from D-War, AKA Dragon Wars, which is about some ancient prophesy blah blah blah dude from Roswell stars blah blah DRAGONS FIGHTING IN DOWNTOWN LA. On that cool round US Bank building! First there's the big giant dragon, and then his little buddies come to help out. This is such a great fucking scene. I don't understand why this movie didn't become a blockbuster. [D-War]


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Annalee Newitz

@Ghede: The incomprehensibility is what makes it so great! It's a B movie, dudes! The best parts are when somebody tries to explain the backstory (and that happens way too much), and EVERY SINGLE TIME that happens, the recipient of said backstory says, "What are you talking about?" It's so great.