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Few recently announced movie projects have inspired more excitement — and more "please don't fuck this up" trepidation — than the movie based on Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern. The good news? The movie has a writer, and she sounds like she has some real storytelling chops.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, the task of adapting the first Pern book to film goes to Sarah Cornwell, who's gotten some fellowships in screenwriting and had some high-profile other writing film gigs recently. Cornwell has never adapted a book to film before, but she has written a novel of her own — the multi-generational coming-of-age novel What I Had Before You, which has mostly pretty happy reviews on Amazon.


For what it's worth, here's the plot synopsis that THR gives for the Pern book, which is about "Lessa, a young girl who is the only one to survive the assassination of her family, which rules a part of the planet Pern. She disguises herself as a lowly servant in the house of the new ruler but when her telepathic abilities prove to be far stronger than she believed, Lessa finds herself on a journey that will restore the ancient tradition of dragon-riding and uncover the secret history of the planet."

[THR, via Slashfilm, h/t Cat Neshine!]

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