Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.  

Some new photos are both spoilery and shiny this morning, including our first look at Goku in costume from the Dragonball movie, some 1940s Watchmen pictures (including a Sally Jupiter pinup), and a new Land Of The Lost still. Ronald D. Moore spilled some details on his new pilot Virtuality, and Jamie Bamber mentioned a detail about the Battlestar Galactica finale. There are new trailers for Fringe, Chuck and Sarah Connor Chronicles, soon to be the three greatest nerds-saving-the-world shows on TV. And some actors and producers spilled some new plot twists on Heroes, Smallville and Lost. Access your memories of the future by reading some spoilers!

Land Of The Lost:

Here's a new still from Land Of The Lost, showing Will Ferrell and another glimpse of those naughty Sleestaks. Naughty! (Click to enlarge.) [MoviesOnline]




The Japanese poster for Dragonball includes our first look at Justin Chatwin in full costume as Goku. [SuperheroFlix]



And here are a couple of new pictures from the movie of Alan Moore's classic graphic novel Watchmen. One is a Vargas-esque pin-up illustration of Carla Gugino as Sally Jupiter from the 1940s (possibly NSFW due to see-through top). And the other is a photo of the Minutemen superhero team in their prime.

[AintItCool News and Warner Bros.]



Battlestar Galactica showrunner Ronald D. Moore's new TV movie/pilot Virtuality, about astronauts stuck on a long-haul space voyage with only virtual reality headsets for company, is sort of like a late 21st century office show. It contrasts the claustrophobia of the deep-space ship Phaeton with the open expanses the astronauts can visit in virtual reality. There'll be three layers to the storytelling, each with its own visual style: the claustrophobic ship, the virtual world, and the reality TV show the astronauts are starring in. And there's a gay relationship (the bickering Manny and Val) that's as honest and multi-dimensional as anything on TV. [Chicago Tribune and AfterElton and Chicago Tribune again]


Battlestar Galactica:

Apollo spends some time running around with a bunch of extras, shooting people, in the final episode of Battlestar Galactica. (At least, that was the last thing he filmed.) [E! Online]



Here are a couple of new trailers for Fringe, J.J. Abrams' new evil-science show:


Malcolm David Kelley, the no-longer-little kid who plays Walt on Lost, is not "on call" to appear as the character in season five. But he says he still could pop up next season, you never know. [Lost Spoilers]



The Heroes good guys will spend more time having their paths cross this season. We'll discover that there are people who are way worse than Sylar. We'll see the rise of a power that all our heroes have to band together to keep from running wild. Something scary happens to Claire, which changes her and sets up the possible future where she becomes evil bad-hair Claire. She's also becoming more of a rebellious teenager, and has reached that stage where you'd ask permission, but then go ahead and do whatever you wanted anyway. West is gone for good, and Claire has no new love interest in sight.

Peter is "not quite himself" in season three, and a newly introduced character has a lot to do with the change in him. And even though he's the most powerful of the Heroes doods, he's heading for a fall.


Ando and Hiro travel all over the planet in the first five episodes. Also, Ando is secretly Nathan and Peter's half-brother — but I think the actors might have been kidding about that. [E! Online]


As we've mentioned, Jimmy asks Chloe to marry him, and she eventually says yes. But not before her love life gets very complicated. She won't be wanting for a date, in any case. And while she'll still be there to save Clark when he's in trouble, there won't be any romance between Chloe and Clark. Jimmy also faces some major challenges.


Clark, meanwhile, is starting to realize he needs a "double identity" if he's going to move forward with his heroic destiny. We may see Clark get those trademark glasses, but not in the way you'd expect. We'll see less of Clark's Kryptonian heritage, although he can never fully escape it. [TV Guide]

Sarah Connor Chronicles:

Here's a new promo for season two of the Terminator spin-off TV show. Also, it sounds like the show may be adding a new regular character, a twenty-ish female resistance fighter who will do anything for the cause. [SarahConnorSociety via SpoilerTV]


And here's a new trailer for Chuck, the show about the minor-league nerd with the spy database in his brain.