Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.  

Too many spoilers today! Revealing pics from Transformers, Dragonball and Lost. Plus spoilery clips from BSG, Dollhouse and Life On Mars. Discover Stargate Universe characters, Land Of The Lost dinosaurs, and Torchwood villains. Spoiler overload!

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen:

Here's our first look at a new Autobot, Sideswipe, in robot and car mode. And, as people mentioned on Friday, fans have lightened the image of the Fallen in the new poster, so you can get a much better look at him. [TF08 and Transformers Live]



Land Of The Lost:

This movie's Sleestaks may be entirely people in the traditional rubber suits, but the dinosaurs will be CG and will look like the dinos in Jurassic Park, says actor Danny McBride. And here's a pic you may not have seen. [Sci Fi Wire]


Dragonball Evolution:

ComicBook Movie got hold of a few pages of storyboard from the movie, and posted a few snippets, featuring Lord Piccolo placing the seven Dragonballs, leading to the rise of the Dragon Temple and Shenron. More pics at the link. [Comic Book Movie]


And here's a new pic of a volcano from the movie's set. [Bad Taste]


Battlestar Galactica:

Rekha "Tory" Sharma hints that we should still be wondering about the fallout from Tory killing Cally, and what might happen if other people find out what she did. [LA Times]


A lot of characters will die in the last batch of episodes, says Jamie "Apollo" Bamber. And there will be upheaval in the fleet. More specifically, as the next episode starts, Lee is still acting president of the colonies, even though Roslin is back. Lee has to "revert slightly" and defer to Laura, but since she's ill, he's still in a key leadership position within the fleet. And it sounds like Lee doesn't get to sleep with any Cylons in the final episodes. [NY Times]

And here's a new British trailer with mostly footage you've seen before. [Battlestar Blog]


And here's a new teaser:

Doctor Who:

The new Doctor Who Magazine is out. Not much new stuff, except that "Planet Of The Dead" will reveal the identity of the mysterious Christina. Super-director Graeme Harper will be back for episode 4x16, and episode 4x18 is (of course) David Tennant's last outing. [Doctor Who Magazine via SpoilerTV]



The villains of the new miniseries, "Children Of Earth," are called the 456. (Pronounced four-five-six.) Nicholas Briggs plays Mr. Frobisher. (Please let him be a shapeshifting penguin. I'll never ask for anything again!) Plus Nicholas Farrell as Brian Green, Katy Wix as Rhiannon, Rhodri Lewis as Johnny, Ian Gelder as Mr. Dekker, Charles Abomeli as Colonel Oduya, and Hilary Maclean as Anna. [Doctor Who Magazine via SpoilerTV]



Remember that pic of Sawyer and Juliet being menaced by soldiers we mentioned? Here it is. [EW]


Speaking of which, apparently this is "the year of Sawyer," and he'll play a much larger role than in previous seasons. And the "dreaded" love quadrangle of Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Juliet will get more screen time. [The ODI]


Here's the official description for episode 5x03, "Jughead." Sounds like Desmond and Faraday are meeting up somehow — maybe via Desmond's visit to Oxford?

Desmond looks for a woman who might be the key to helping Faraday stop the island's unpredictable movements through time; Locke finds out who has been attacking the survivors


[The ODI]

Also, episode 5x11 is called "Whatever Happened, Happened," and it includes Young Ben. Also, one main character shoots another main character, who's seriously injured. [SpoilersLost]


And US Weekly says the Oceanic Six's struggle to return to the island "is not a season-long quest" (thank goodness), but there are "complications." Also, Jack and Kate start picking up the pieces, but Kate still pines for Sawyer — but Sawyer "can only wait so long." [US Weekly via Lyly Ford.]


Finally, some person on a message board claims to have seen the first two episodes, and he/she says Jack says Sayid's life after he's shot, and Desmond goes to find Faraday at Oxford because Faraday told him to in another timeline. And Faraday works for Marvin Candle. Grain of salt is indicated, of course. [SpoilerTV]

Stargate Universe:

A new casting call includes a few new details about this show. A team manages to dial the "ninth chevron" and travels to a ship called the Destiny, which the Ancients built at the height of their power. But once aboard the Destiny, the crew realizes it can never return to Earth.


And apparently, the first two episodes will feature a character named Senator Walker, who's exercising political oversight over this whole "ninth chevron" business. He's also the loving father of Chloe Walker, his political aide. And then there's Camille Wray, an accountant with the international oversight body in charge of the Stargate. Since she's the highest ranking member of that organization aboard the ship, she has an exaggerated sense of her own importance, and an unfortunate way of asserting it. [SpoilerTV]


Joss Whedon clowns around on set. Minor spoiler, in that he refers to Eliza seeing "the thing" and then doing a sexy confident walk. [SpoilerTV]



Tyler Labine updated his Facebook page and said season two has wrapped filming, and it includes some of the funniest things he's put on film in his career. And the new season is so great, the show is in slightly less danger of being canceled than it was before. [SpoilerTV]



Here's the official description for episode 8x13, "Power":

Clark (Tom Welling) finds Tess (Cassidy Freeman) in Lana’s (Kristin Kreuk) ransacked apartment and realizes Lana is missing. Tess tells him Lex is still alive and may have kidnapped Lana and finally reveals the truth about what happened to Lana after she awoke from her Brainiac-induced coma. Meanwhile, Tess breaks into a secret LuthorCorp facility and is shocked at what she discovers.



Life On Mars:

Is it so wrong that I'm actually excited for this show to come back? Maybe I'm actually mad, or in a coma, but this promo is sort of promising.



An upcoming episode, probably 1x14, will be called "Ability." [Fringe Television]


Kyle XY:

Some more details about upcoming episodes. I'm not liking this Nicole-car-accident subplot.

3.04, "In the Company of Men": Declan and Josh take Kyle to an underage bar to help him get over his breakup with Amanda.

3.05, "Life Support":
Kyle helps a pregnant teenage girl and an injured Nicole following a road accident.

3.06, "Welcome to Latnok" Kyle begins to repay his debt to Latnok; Nicole and Stephen face huge medical bills following the accident.

3.07, "Chemistry 101": The teens re-examine their complicated relationships.



Ali Larter gets bloody and dirty in upcoming episodes, and it sounds like she survives until at least episode 3x19. And episode 3x21 is called "Into Asylum." [Heroes Spoilers]


Transformers Animated:

The producers hinted that someone may die in season three, which airs soon. [TFW2005]