Dragonball's Chi Chi Shows Us Her Right Hook, And Spills Some Spoilers

We got a Dragonball update from Chi Chi herself, played by the tough but adorable Jamie Chung. Find out the goods on Goku and the gang, and details on Chi Chi's strange adversary. Plus Chung fills us in on her new mini series Samurai Girl (another butt kicking role).



Why is she saying this Chi Chi vs.Chi Chi like it's news? I've been following this lame live action version of a great manga for a while now and the story has been that the 'evil Chi Chi' is just Mai, who has the power to transform by taking DNA from her victims (she has a little finger-blade thing) which she uses to scratch Chi Chi with. Yeah, it's lame and in the manga/anime it was Oolong and Puar who could transform, but they didn't need any DNA.