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Dragonball Reshoots Make Us Hope For A Better Ball

Illustration for article titled Dragonball Reshoots Make Us Hope For A Better Ball

Did the overwhelmingly "meh" reaction to the leaked Dragonball trailer cause some panic among the movie's producers? Maybe so, because the movie is going back for some reshoots, and let's hope they fix the pasty-white Lord Piccolo and weak fight scenes along the way. Here's our list of suggestions for maximum DB improvement.First and foremost, green up Lord Piccolo. I don't care if you have to spend every single minute on the computer physically painting on CG greenness with your mouse, — fix it. Goku's hair — did we need it to be that much of a literal translation? I would have been ok with just a mussy up-do for Goku, this nest is a little much. How did this go through and not a green Piccolo? And then there are the fight scenes. After watching the trailer, I'm a bit nervous that the fight scenes look kind of haphazard. Yes, yes this is a crazy out there movie where the characters should be able to stand in mid air for hours talking about life, but I still want it to look real. A few of the moments seemed a little "suspended in the wobbly harness" for me, and they're not leaking enough energy. I'm not sure how the fight scenes will play out, but this may be a big obstacle for live-action anime. I say embrace the fist swooping close ups, power lines careening from the characters and the double takes, but just make it look intentional — not like the main character got stuck in his special effects rig. According to Actors Status, the reshoots for Dragonball start on October 30th and they're seeking Tibetan- and Nepalese-speaking actors. I hope everyone takes this as an opportunity to make some much-needed changes. [Via DB The Movie]


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They should just have done it Speed-Racer style, imho.

Have it as a live-action cartoon.