Dragonball Movie Still A Go, Unfortunately

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In what might have been a moment of collective wishful thinking, it seems that all of the recent rumors about Fox trying quietly to kill the live-action movie version of Dragonball were just that: rumors. Doesn't anyone realize how important it is that we stop James Marsters before he hits the big screen?Film Junk first reported the rumor last week:

According to our tipster, the higher-ups at Fox are not too impressed the footage that has been shot thus far, and are seriously debating shutting the whole thing down. Now I have no idea if this is a real possibility or if the studio is just putting pressure on director James Wong to deliver, but the movie supposedly has a budget of over $100 million and I can understand them wanting to cut some losses while they still can.


Superhero Flix, however, doesn't buy that for a second:

We have a source that is very close to the film. And he/she says that the first edit is done, and that it has been shown to those "higher ups" at Fox. And that they love the finished film. Our studio contact, who we aren't allowed to name at the moment, worked on the production, and has seen the completed movie. Everyone involved seems to think they have a hit on their hands, and he even went on to say that it was "pretty darn awesome. There is certainly talk about a sequel. I have no doubt that it will happen. I'm sure that it will be a trilogy."


A trilogy? Of James Marsters movies? As anyone who's seen Marsters in anything should know by now, that can't be a good thing. Fox Will Not Scrap Live-Action Dragonball [Cinematical]

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Little Time Bomb

What's with the Marsters hating around here? Sure like a lot of actors who've done a bunch of sci-fi his work is a bit uneven, blame for much of that can be put on writers though. I see no reason to single him out.