Dragonball Clips Market The Chi-Chi On Chi-Chi Action

Hey it's the tiny girl from the Real World, fighting herself, in Dragonball. Observe in total horror how the studio decided to translate this cartoon into live-action movie, complete with zany faces and Chow Yun-Fat.

The most interesting thing about these two new scenes is that the makers of Dragonball Evolution took the time to pause for the obligatory anime wince or moan during the fight scenes. It's really strange, but I guess you can't make a Dragonball movie without over-the-top humor, like Roshi yawning and blocking Goku's fists with one hand. But I worry this kind of humor will get real old, real fast.


Dragonball Evolution will be in theaters April 8.

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Chris Braak

Here, look. Putting Chow Yun Fat in something is always an essential improvement. It's not Chow Yun Fat's fault this is a stupid movie.