Draft script for Doctor Who's "The Tenth Planet" has different ending

Almost everyone knows how the Doctor Who story "The Tenth Planet" ends — it's the last story where William Hartnell plays the mysterious time-traveling Doctor. Except that a newly unearthed draft script by Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis leaves out the Doctor's regeneration.

Instead, the climax of the story is much more about the Doctor and Polly being held aboard the Cybermen's spaceship, where the Cybermen plan to convert them into Cybermen. Michael Seely, who's publishing a biography of Pedler called The Quest for Pedler, found this script along with some early drafts of some episodes of "The Moonbase" (originally called "Return of the Cybermen") and Pedler's TV show Doomwatch.


The unearthed "Tenth Planet" script, written in June 1966, shows quite how late in the day Hartnell decided to leave the show. According to Hartnell's wife's diary, he told her he was leaving Doctor Who in mid-July, less than a month after this script was written. "The Tenth Planet" was filmed in September. Seely tells SFX, "We know that William Hartnell was being persuaded to give up the role he loved over the summer of 1966, and that they were sounding out replacements. He only decided to leave in the middle of July, the month after this draft was written.”

Here's the title page:

[via SFX]

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