Dracula Mystery Club mocks sparkly vampire romance without mercy

Tragic vampires can be romantic or tedious, depending on your point of view, but Dracula Mystery Club proves they can also be funny, especially when they're guzzling sunscreen, can't keep their shirts closed, and keep getting stalked by teenage girls.

Created by the team of Kel McDonald (Sorcery 101), Magnolia Porter (Monster Pulse), and Amanda Lafrenais (Love Me Nice), Dracula Mystery Club, the webcomic Dracula Mystery Club parodies teen vampire romances like Twilight and The Vampire Diaries, while throwing in a few jabs at mystery-solving teens like the Scooby-Doo crew.


Our mere mortal protagonist is Hori, the new girl in town with almost mystically large, flowing hair. While the rest of Dark Desire High School is abuzz about the murder of her math teacher, Hori is utterly consumed by her obsession with Ark Von Serph. Ark pale, perpetually sad, attracts lens flare wherever he goes, and drinks sunscreen like it's keeping him from bursting into flames. Which it is, because as Hori's new best friend (and ace mystery solver) Lindsey so helpfully points out, Ark is a Dracula. Soon Hori finds herself caught up in Ark's tragic past, even though all she wanted were makeouts.

Dracula Mystery Club is just getting started, and it's still settling into a firm update schedule. But it's already filled with terrific sight gags (for one thing, Ark is incapable of keeping both shoulders covered), and the setup for a classic good vampire vs. bad vampire rivalry. Let's see how these ladies end up lampooning Dracula-on-Dracula violence.

[Dracula Mystery Club]


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