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Dr. Strange Banishes a Kid to Hell When Jimmy Kimmel Hires Him for a Birthday Party

It looks like becoming Master of the Mystic Arts has left Stephen Strange’s bank account in a bad way.

In this skit from last night’s Jimmy Kimmel, Benedict Cumberbatch reprises his turn as the Sorcerer Supreme for some chuckle-goof promotion. The lines about LinkedIn profiles and the Eye of Agamotto make for some good giggles, but the skit really works because kid birthday parties can often be perfect storms of screaming, manic elation, and tears. There’s alway one child—sometimes the birthday celebrant—who could use a time-out in a nether dimension.


I’m sure Dr. Strange brings Lucas back. Eventually.

Correction: The kid’s name in the skit is Marcus, not Lucas as I wrote in a previous version of this post. My error renders a very good comment joke null and void. I am sorry. 

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Cat Tarsus Sinus

That was pretty awkward. Some of Kimmel’s stuff can be darned funny, but I’m not sure I was feeling this one. Good concept, iffy execution.

I’m sure Dr. Strange brings Lucas back. Eventually.

I heard Marcus.