During this weekend's Dragon Con, we at io9 have been collaborating with the Electronic Frontier Foundation as well as fan communities on Project Secret Identity, a series of photos of cosplayers highlighting the importance of anonymity and privacy online. Now we can admire the costumes of these Internet freedom fighters.

Project Secret Identity was launched with the support of the Southeastern Browncoats, the Harry Potter Alliance, the Baker Street Babes, Wattpad, and the Organization for Transformative Works. All weekend, cosplayers at Dragon Con have been photographed holding up pro-privacy slogans to raise awareness about issues surrounding mass surveillance, Internet anonymity, and other aspects of online privacy.


If you want to participate, simply take a photo of yourself holding a pro-privacy slogan (use one of the ones you see below or make up your own) and upload it to Project Secret Identity. You can also see all of the Project Secret Identity Dragon Con photos at the project's website; we've included a few of our favorites below:

[Project Secret Identity]