Dr. Manhattan's Blue Man Bits Now In HD

We reported about the great lengths that director of the Watchmen comic book adaptation Zack Snyder went to keep Dr. Manhattan's blue downstairs tasteful yet accurate for viewers. Heck, we've even blogged the almost wang exposing moments where you got to see Billy Crudup (Dr. Manhattan's) "manness" in the Watchmen diaries and making of Manhattan moments. But finally we're bringing you the full Dr. Manhattan in HD no less. Obviously NSFW.

The new trailer for Snyder's Watchmen that was played at this years Scream Awards was later released on HD and low and behold there was Dr. Manhattans blue wonder. One of the many things I'm loving about the Watchmen live action movie is that they're embracing Dr. Manhattan's "character." Good on you Zack. Watchmen will open on March 6. [via Newsarama]


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