Dr. Manhattan in Talks to Be the Movie Flash's Dad

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In case you don’t remember the man behind the big blue dick, that would be Billy Crudup, who is reportedly in contention to take on the role of Barry Allen’s dad in the Flash movie.


While not yet confirmed by Warner Bros, Variety has sources saying that Crudup is in talks with the studio to be the father of Ezra Miller’s Fastest Man Alive. This would make it Crudup’s second DC movie with Warner Bros., and would add him to the ever-growing list of actors showing up in more than one comic book movie as a different character.

We’ll probably get some form of confirmation soon, since The Flash is expected to start filming this year. Until then, we can pretend that this is an obscure way to tie in DC’s current Watchmen Rebirth reveal in the comics.

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I say they bring him back as Dr. Manhattan and REBIRTH the shit out of the Murderverse..

...or maybe they already did? It sure seems super hopeless.