Dr. Fate Is Very Tired of Superman's Fascist Crap in Injustice 2

Image: WBIE/NetherRealm.

One of the best things about the rolling character reveals for Injustice 2 is in seeing just how deep into the DC Comics character stable the game is going to delve. Having the wielder of the Helmet of Nabu in a big-budget video game is a pretty deep cut.

Dr. Fate is one of superhero comics’ oldest magic-wielding characters, but he’s never become as well known as Superman, Batman, or Marvel’s Doctor Strange. The newest teaser clip from Injustice 2 shows the aloof sorcerer teleporting all over the screen and stabbing opponents with magical ankh daggers. He’s doubtless been included in the game for some story purpose, which will be interesting, seeing as how magic is a big vulnerability for Superman.


Update: There are some details on how customization will work in Injustice 2 in a post on the official PlayStation blog:

There are two main ways to earn gear: conquering opponents in online and offline modes, or by purchasing Mother Boxes using gold earned from matches.

Gear revolves around four main body parts — head, chest, arms, and legs — plus an “accessory” (think Harley Quinn’s pistols). Most gear you collect will buff at least one of your four base stats: Strength and Ability determine the offensive power of basic attacks and special moves, while Defense and Health dictate how much damage your superhero can absorb.


Players will also be able to change colors on characters’ costumes. You’ll still be able to use bespoke looks in Tournament Mode but the buffs won’t be active. Injustice 2 hits on May 16.

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Well he’d better hope that Zatanna isn’t on Sups side, cause otherwise Nabu is one “temleh eht ffo ekat”from losing :P