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If someone's going to teach this new batch of Stargaters a thing or two, it's almuni crew member Michael Shanks (Dr. Daniel Jackson). He's got ten-plus years on these new-comers. In an interview with Sci Fi Wire, Shanks explained that he'd been chatting with executive producer Brad Wright, and he was offered a cameo role on Stargate Universe. Score one for SGU — but can they get Rodney McKay to make an appearance?

Shanks also spilled that neither the first Atlantis movie, nor the next SG-1 movie, have been filmed yet:

"There will be a Stargate SG-1 movie [for DVD], probably filmed around the same time the Atlantis movie is filmed this coming summer," he added. "So that's all going to be going far as I know, is pretty Rick-heavy [Richard Dean Anderson, thank god], pretty O'Neill [Anderson]-heavy," Shanks said. "So I don't know much more than that, but I will most definitely be involved in it.""


Good to hear that they're giving us exactly what we want, more RDA. Can't wait to see the next movie, coming on the heels of the enjoyable Continuum.

[Sci Fi Wire]

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