Download this awesome Lancia Stratos font

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The mighty Lancia Stratos is a maniacal rally car, a performance icon, and now, a font you can download right here on Jalopnik.


When we posted this photo, some of you noticed the photographer's website featured an image of a font inspired by the angular '70s-style Lancia Stratos logo but not the font itself.

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Kevin McCauley, the designer, noticed the comments and while we were enjoying chili dogs at an Astros game earlier this week asked "Do you think your readers would like to have the font?" Yeah, Kevin. I think they would.

The font can be DOWNLOADED HERE (ZIP) and installed on your Mac/PC/Commodore. Here's what Kevin says about the font, which is named Altastrada (i.e. High Road). :

It's a full alphabet based on the Stratos logo typeface. It's a considered a display font, which means it has the alphabet, some numbers and basic punctuation but it's not all punctuation and there is no lowercase.

Those Stratos outline drawings at the bottom of the poster are included, and accessible by hitting the parenthesis, less than/greater than and the curly bracket and straight bracket < ( { [


Use it wisely, friends. And don't forget to thank Kevin in the comments for sharing.

Photo Credit: Destino2003


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The download link is broken - found it here: []