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Wanting to visit the Doctor while on the way to work? Then look no further than Big Finish's Doctor Who digital download service. The British company, who've been releasing monthly audio plays starring previous Doctors on CD since 1999, are embracing MP3s as a way to supply nostalgia to fans while also getting around poor exchange rates.


Jason Haigh-Ellery, company director, explains:

We have always done our best to keep the prices as low as possible for foreign customers... Unfortunately though, the poor exchange rate with America, Australia and other countries has made this difficult. Now though, by offering downloadable versions of our plays, we can dramatically reduce the price as there is no extra expenditure on postage, packing and materials. We're sure that this will be good news for our foreign customers.

And what will customers be getting for their bigger value dollar? Brand new stories written by TV Who writers like Paul Cornell and Mark Gatiss, as well as comic writers Nova's Dan Abnett and Transformers' Simon Furman, amongst others, performed by former Doctors Peter Davidson, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann alongside minor British celebrities.

With an annual subscription being planned for later this year, soon you'll be able to get some kind of Doctor all year 'round, even if it does lack the smirk and suit of David Tennent.

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Big Finish have worked wonders with the Doctor Who franchise, expanding the concept in bold new directions and not being afraid to tackle straight-up historical, space opera, horror, comedy, and experimental ideas that could never work anywhere but audio. In particular, they've done a great job rehabilitating the 6th Doctor. Some of their writers and actors - and even a couple of plots - have been poached by the New Series team.

I highly, highly recommend the following plays.

JUBILEE - The 6th Doctor confronts an mad, imprisoned Dalek in this brilliant, blackly comic tale which was adapted into the New Series episode "Dalek."

LOUPS GAROUX - The 5th Doctor for a Brazilian werewolf played by Eleanor Bron. Not as campy as it sounds!

...ISH - The 6th Doctor finds an academic conference beset by a rogue meme.

THE CHIMES OF MIDNIGHT - A brilliant, spooky, heartbreaking haunted house story featuring the Paul McGann 8th Doctor.

THE TIME OF THE DALEKS - The 8th Doctor meets the galaxy's most ardent Shakespearean scholars ... the Daleks. WTF?

THE KINGMAKER - The 5th Doctor meets Richard III and definitely does not find out what happened to the Princes in the Tower. Hilarious.

FLIP-FLOP - The same story, told twice, from different sides of a time paradox. It doesn't matter which part you listen to first!

PROJECT: TWILIGHT and PROJECT: LAZARUS - The 6th and 7th Doctors confront bioengineered vampires in these two grim, grisly and plot-twisty tales.

They also put out a series called DOCTOR WHO UNBOUND which cast different actors in stories unmoored from series continuity. The best of these are SYMPANTHY FOR THE DEVIL, with David Warner as an alternate 3rd Doctor meeting the Brigadier 20 years too late, and DEADLINE, with Sir Derek Jacobi as a failed TV writer haunted by his seminal 60s science fiction series.