Download an up-and-coming science fiction magazine for a quarter

Greatest Uncommon Denominator is selling its latest issue as a PDF for just 25 cents (instead of $3.50), and you can download five issues for just $3.00. But the price goes up tomorrow, so move fast!

This is a great chance to check out one of science fiction's more adventuresome magazines. The PDF of the latest issue is just 25 cents today, and then the price goes up by a quarter every day after that. And the bundle of all five issues starts at $3.00 today but then goes up 50 cents a day afterwards. At those prices, even if you don't like all the stories, you're sure to enjoy some of them enough to justify the expense. (Full disclosure: in one of its earlier issues, GUD published my story about breast implants that hack people's insecure SMTP servers to send out spam emails.)


They're also offering a similar bundled deal for another zine, Crossed Genres, "the magazine of science fiction & fantasy with a twist." You can get a bundle of five issues for just $3.00, with the cost going up by 50 cents every day. Crossed Genres has a unique model — every month, they choose a different genre, and then all fiction and cover submissions must combine that genre with science fiction or fantasy. Previous genres have included steampunk, horror, LGBT fiction, and folklore.

Plus it's just $1.50 for a PDF of an entire anthology, entitled Residential Aliens. And you can download the latest issue of Durham, NC-based science fiction magazine Bull Spec for free. So go load up your fancy iPad or Kindle with a bunch of speculative fiction! [GUD]

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