Doug Jones Transforms Into a Demon in this Behind-the-Scenes Look at Horror Short The Visitant

A month ago, we gleefully anticipated a new short-film spotlight on the El Rey channel, The People’s Network Showcase. Gleefully, because the theme is “horror” and the host will be John Carpenter. Now we’ve got a sneak peek behind the scenes, with a look at bite-sized creature feature The Visitant.


In this short clip, Nick Peterson, director of The Visitant, describes what it was like working with the nimble Doug Jones (Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth), who slithers into an elaborate demon outfit for his character, and special effects legend Steve Wang (Predator, Gremlins 2). Amy Smart also stars, as a mom who goes head-to-head with the most sinister home invader ever.

The People’s Network Showcase: Horror Edition runs two hours and spotlights 10 works by indie filmmakers like Peterson. It premieres Sunday, October 30 at 8pm and repeats immediately after, at 10pm, on El Rey.

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