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Savor tonight's all-new Dollhouse: It'll be the last one until December. But you'll get a concentrated dose of the mind-wiping during the holiday season, including two hours in a row of Summer Glau.

A Fox rep tells io9 that this is the airing schedule for Dollhouse between now and 2010:

Friday, Oct. 23 (tonight) - Episode 204 (9PM-10PM et/pt)
Friday, Dec. 4 - Episode 205 & 206 (Summer Glau episodes 8PM-10PM et/pt)
Friday, Dec. 11 - Episodes 207 & 208 (8PM-10PM et/pt)
Friday, Dec. 18 - Episodes 209 & 210 (8PM-10PM et/pt)


That will leave three episodes of the show's 13-episode order for season two, yet to run. As for rumors that Fox is burning through those episodes of Dollhouse as quickly as possible, in order to clear a space on its calendar for the past-life detective show Past Life on Fridays in January, they're not entirely true. At least, Fox says there will still be "at least" a few episodes of Dollhouse left to run in January. (Or more, if the show gets a miraculous extension, which does seem admittedly unlikely.)

Also, says a Fox rep, "Past Life's premiere has not been announced at this time. So no, it's not scheduled for Fridays in January."

Oh, and according to Jenna Busch at Sci Fi Wire, tonight's episode is breathtaking and worth cancelling your Friday plans for.


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