Dory Meets an Old Friend for the First Time in the Latest Finding Dory Trailer

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In the second Finding Dory trailer, we’ve got a lot more scenes of Dory and Marlin on the journey to find Dory’s family. It’s completely charming, and yet somehow exactly the same as Finding Nemo—right down to what looks like Dory’s terrifying capture by humans.


We’ve also got Marlin hating travel with the sea turtles, Dory speaking whale with what looks like a whale shark that knew her when she was younger, and humans putting Dory in a miserable looking tank. All pretty standard Nemo stuff. I do love the camouflaged escape artist octopus, though. You can never go wrong with an octopus.

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Angrier Geek

Sadly, I’m Disney’s bitch in this regard. I don’t think it ever should have been made, but I’m there nonetheless. Sigh.