Don't Worry, Cartoon Network Is Already Teasing New Episodes of Infinity Train

Tulip from Infinity Train.
Image: Cartoon Network

Watching a high-quality cartoon in the modern age always comes with a bit of terror. Is this going to get cancelled, or shafted, or have its release schedule constantly shifted around in a way that baffles everyone including the creators?

So I’d understand if fans of Infinity Train, after watching the first excellent batch of episodes on Cartoon Network, would immediately worry about content droughts and the future of the young series. Cartoon Network seems to have predicted those fears, as well, as their Twitter has confirmed that, yes, don’t worry, it’s okay, new episodes are on the way.


In proper Infinity Train form, it’s a message presented in a brief clip of a hypnotically moving train, the Conductor, and a simple promise: Infinity Train will return. It wasn’t really in doubt, but I’m still relieved. 

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