Don't worry, buddy. I got you covered with my giant robot vision.

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Taking a walk through the tundra can be a scary experience — unless you've got a giant robot best friend looking out for you. When I found this guy out in the ice, he was half-frozen and half-rusted, but I fixed him up and now we go everywhere together. He's learned to play the drums, too.


Top image: Danesh/CG Hub.

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September 12,1972.

This is Lieutenant Hogarth Hughes, United Sta- well,at this point there are no more countries so I guess only my rank will do. If anyone finds this magnetic tape recording let it be a testimonial of the events that followed the start of the Last War in 1963. When most of the cities of the World burned with atomic fire,when Mankind was at the nadir of its History,They came. The brethren of the Giant.

They came by the thousands,bringing destruction unimaginable to a planet already largely destroyed. What they seeked we never knew. There was no reasoning with these mechanical invaders from beyond the stars. And we would probably be nothing but a dust had He not arrived at the very last moment. My savior,my friend. The Giant.

Together with His aid,the very few of us who were left to fight banded together and formed a roaming party that has been avoiding the exterminating metal horde of the Invaders. Using the remaining few atomic weapons that we had we have managed to destroyed a significant number of Invaders. But now they are building a gigantic assembling facility in the middle of Siberia and we cannot permit them to do so. Should they replenish their numbers,their victory over us would be absolute.

The Giant and I plan to take our last weapon,a large hydrogen bomb developed by the Russians called the Tzar Bomba, and destroy the facility and their forward base. And this time,I'm afraid,the Giant will not be able to survive. Which is why I'm going with him this time.

I hope...I pray that somebody lives to ever hear this tape. Lieutenant Hughes signing out.

Are you ready old buddy?


Even brought my cape. SUPERMAN!

— Last Known recording of USMC Lieutenant Hogardt Hughes. He and the Exomechanic known as The Iron Giant fought here alone and gave up their lives, so that this planet shall not perish from the Universe.