Don't Watch This Trailer for Antlers Unless You Want to Discover Its Big Secret

It’s probably not a good idea to accompany this kid into the woods.
It’s probably not a good idea to accompany this kid into the woods.
Image: Fox Searchlight
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The first teaser for Scott Cooper’s Antlers—which is produced by Guillermo del Toro and is based on a story by Channel Zero’s Nick Antosca—dropped some pretty heavy hints about the peculiar family troubles facing the small boy at its center. But a new trailer reveals a whole hell of a lot more.


Set in a small town in Oregon, Antlers is about a kind-hearted teacher (Keri Russell) who starts to worry about one of her students (Jeremy T. Thomas), so she enlists her brother (Jesse Plemons), who happens to be the sheriff, to see if the boy can be helped out of what she believes to be a dangerous situation at home.

How dangerous, you ask? And just what is this kid up to when he’s not at school? Like we said, this new trailer will give you a damn near crystal-clear picture of what’s really going on. (Don’t want to know? Stick with the earlier teaser, linked above.)

Of course, there’s a good chance there’s lots more to the story than even this trailer is letting on. We’ll find out when Antlers hits theaters in 2020.

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Babylon System

This kids dada gets “sick”, he keeps feeding him scraps, dada gets loose, kills a few people, they finally find dada and profit!! Old plot.