Psych meds have the worst possible side effects, turning the already-crazy people inside a mental hospital into flesh-craving monsters, in the cleverly named movie... Insanitarium. Despite its awesome premise, this horror flick is saddled with an all-star cast of "that one guy from that TV show," including the title character Jesse Metcalf (Desperate Housewives) and Kiele Sanchez (the buried-alive girl from Lost). This direct-to-DVD movie also marks the directorial debut of Peter Stormare, who plays a shady European in every movie, including the devil in Constantine. Watch the trailer above, and click through for a gallery of crazy-people stills.


Metcalfe plays a concerned brother, who checks himself into an insane asylum to save his institutionalized sister, played by Sanchez. After getting admitted, he is immediately abused and mistreated. He discovers that the head doctor (Peter Stormare) is performing experiments that will warp your brain forever, and forcing people to take drugs that permanently transform them into flesh-craving monsters.

[Shock Till You Drop]

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