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Don't Sleep Or The Lady Terminator Will Get You

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Columbus, OH is hosting the premieres of a Japanese instant cult classic, Big Man Japan, a mockumentary about a giant middle-aged man who fights monsters, and a documentary about the space age, Sputnik Mania. It's all part of the 25th annual science fiction marathon this Saturday, with 24 hours of nonstop science fiction movies. Other movies include the original Battlestar Galactica pilot, the Indonesian ripoff Lady Terminator, Andromeda Strain, Pitch Black, 1984 and The Day The Earth Stood Still. [SciFiMarathon, via Film School Rejects]


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@Plague: Ticket already bought. Film Festivals showing Vin movies are sort of like a mecca for me that I must visit every so often or the Shrine begins to glow red in my closet. The worst was when I had to sit through Suburban Commando and Kindergarten Cop just to see The Pacifier. The things we do.

@Charlie Jane Anders: Original?