Don't Sleep On The Reissue Of Kilian Eng's Stunning Art Book Object 5

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Swedish illustrator Kilian Eng does the kind of mindblowing science fiction artwork that looks like concept art for the greatest movie you've ever seen. And his first book collection, the sold-out Object 5, is coming back in a bigger format, with nicer versions of his incredible illustrations.


We've featured Eng's poster art before, but his own science fiction art is even more lovely.

Talking to It's Nice That, Eng explains why there's a brand new edition of Object 10:

The main reason was that both me and Jason Leivian (the publisher) felt that the first edition didn't do the images perfect justice and we wanted to present them in better quality and larger format. Also the first printing sold out and people have been asking about a reprint so it felt right to create a definite edition of it.


And Eng explains why he likes to do artwork of alien worlds and strange life forms:

The fact that we have no idea how it looks is interesting; it's free to interpret. I often like to think of a place where no one has ever been, like a place out in some other world's wilderness. You can be sure that it exists at this very moment while you read this... being very interested in the [science fiction] literary genre and a long-time fan of many artists in the field has most certainly driven me more and more in this direction – I just feel a natural connection to it.

The new edition of Object 5 is available to preorder here. Read more about it over at It's Nice That. And here's a clipreel that gives you some glimpses inside the stunning book:


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