Don't Pee On That. Seriously.

Freelance geek Bre Pettis has uploaded some hilarious illustrations from a 1931 German book called Electrocution in 132 Pictures. But was this scientific manual really just an excuse to look at naughty pictures?

This picture may not be sexy, but it's definitely naughty. Also, it's a great way to train kids not to piss off bridges - because, you know, electricity from a wire might leap up through your pee stream right into the place you will one day love most, little boy. Seriously, this image is so preposterously wonderful that it should really be in every beginning electrician's handbook.


I don't want to make it seem like there's something dirty about learning how dangerous those household appliances can be. But why did we need to see this lady in her sexy undies getting electrocuted? She couldn't have worn a robe?

And here's another lady who absolutely had to be buck nekkid for us to see demonstrated exactly how an electrical current would blast right through her heart. Apparently, they want ladies everywhere to be worried that an exposed wire under the floorboards could touch the pipes, then electricity would travel up the pipe, into the faucet, and right into our nubile . . . erm, I mean, our biological organisms. OK sure it wouldn't be realistic to put her in a bathing suit, but there's still something kind of pervy about this whole scenario.


Now if you weren't with me on the pervy thing, probably this excellent image will set you straight. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE, PEOPLE? So the guy is clutching two lamps in ecstasy, while a giant lump under the covers does . . . something to his something. Let's hope that lump is his special friend, and not some kind of parasite. Seriously, WHO DOES THIS? Who clutches two flimsy electrical lamps while in the throes of ecstasy (or parasite takeover)? OK maybe it was just something they did back in the 1930s?


Check out more amazing illustrations, including some involving women and farm animals, care of Pettis, in his Flickr stream. [via Laughing Squid]

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