Don't Mock Our B.O., AVP-R Director Whines

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Don't call Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem a flop, pleads co-director Colin Strause. After all, it's made back its budget and done quite well overseas. "I admit I wish it did better in the US, but these numbers are nothing to feel bad about," he adds. As for the chances for a third AVP movie? it's still a possibility. [MovieHole]

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@Macloserboy: You may be right, and I could be completely full of crap, but I am thinking more about the book and comic series than the really horrible movies that came out after Aliens.

I was disappointed when they started doing the "aspect" of its host thing. If it were a part of the original concept, where was the giant "pilot" bug from the first movie? Why did the bugs in the first AvP comic story line not look like big cows?

And if people want to use Alien3 as the impetus for this story arch, I say "pooh!" very loudly, as I think that is where the series derailed.