We sure do look good in purple 😉.
Image: James Whitbrook

Yes, we finally took the plunge and got an Instagram. No, we will not be selling you Marvel-themed fit teas. (I can’t believe I just put that horrifying idea into the universe.) Instead, we’re barging onto Instagram like the Kool-Aid Man of social media with full coverage of New York Comic Con this weekend. Oh yeah!


Follow us @io9dotcom on Instagram for all-day coverage of cosplay, floor exclusives, panels, and behind the scenes pics of our upcoming interviews and videos.

The team will be all over the con looking for the best in cosplay, specifically, so keep an eye out for me, Klaudia, if you’d like to show off a particularly awesome costume. (Or if you’d just like to talk about Voltron. I have a lot of opinions. Speaking of which...)


Hello! I’m Klaudia, io9's new social editor. I really hope you follow us on Instagram, because I’m going to be working hard on making it fun and nerdy. After NYCC, there will be memes. And set pictures. And posts where I use my very bad Photoshop skills to try and get you to read the wonderful things our writers post. Thanks for having me!

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