With a concept of "Stargate meets Aliens", Loose Cannons is the best sci-fi comic that you've never seen. The series features an all-female team of dimension-hopping mercenaries trapped in a parallel dimension with only one way out. And that way involves killing lots of monsters. Marvel UK folded before it could release this comic masterpiece 15 years ago, but now the artist is putting the whole thing online. Read on for details.


Loose Cannons started life at the British office of Marvel Comics fifteen years ago, back when the comic industry was flush with money and willing to throw everything against the wall to see what stuck. Sadly, one month before the series was to be released, Marvel UK folded and the comic was lost, never to be seen. Until now.

Mark Harrison, later to gain fame via his work for 2000AD, has not only put the entire comic online, but also explained just why he wanted to do so, and it's a tearjerker:

Fortunately the advertising [for the series] alone gave me a break at 2000 AD where I worked on Judge Dredd and then got a regular gig on Durham Red (which would eventually see me reunite with Dan Abnett). But Loose Cannons' lack of publication would still bug me. I felt that it should be seen in some form. Ego maybe. It was personal. While I was working on book one, my father passed away. I would have liked him to have seen it.


So you don't only get to read four unpublished issues of prime '90s sci-fi comic action for free; you also do your bit to help a son make his father proud. Win-win for everyone, apart from the monsters who get blown up. Loose Cannons [2000ad.org]