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A hippo in Botswana, apparently quite annoyed by the paparazzi, made its feelings well known when it thundered after a boatload of tourists. The result, captured in the video below, is kinda like Jaws meets Moby Dick meets the "Must go faster!!" scene in Jurassic Park.


Discovery News reports:

Members of a tour group on Botswana's Chobe River got an unexpected scare when their boat nearly ran afoul of the business end of a hippo in hot pursuit.

Luckily for the Internet, David Jackson and his son Craig had an iPhone at the ready and caught the chase on video. (See the footage below, courtesy of YouTube/Craig Clive Jackson and Pangolin Photo Safaris.)

"The hippo was closer to the boat than what it appears on the video," the elder Jackson wrote on YouTube. "It is amazing how fast a hippo can move in water."


As an aside, Jackson also warned, "Never underestimate a [hippo's] speed by its physical size." Dude. No worries. Next time we're sharing the same body of water as a hippo ... WE WON'T UNDERESTIMATE ANYTHING.

Top image by Vladislav T. Jirousek via Shutterstock.

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