Don't Invest Too Much In Kings

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We may have liked the premiere episode of the new NBC alternate reality drama Kings, but sadly we were in the minority. The show's ratings were, apparently, almost Biblically bad.


Kings' Sunday bow had what the Hollywood Reporter calls "a devastating premiere," coming in as the lowest rated network show not just in its own timeslot, but for the entire night between 8 and 11pm; only six million viewers watched Ian McShane's debut turn as America's King Silas, all but guaranteeing that it'll disappear sooner rather than later. Maybe they should move it to Fridays; six million would've made it the fourth highest rated show of the evening last weekend.


NBC's 'Kings' dethroned in ratings [THR Live Feed]

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"only six million viewers"

Or in other words 2.5 to 3 times the number of people that watched BSG on the preceding Friday.