Don't Hold Your Breath For That William Shatner Cameo In Star Trek 3

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Tobias Menzies talks Outlander’s season finale. Peter Capaldi wants Doctor Who’s oldest companion to return. Check out two clips from Terminator Genisys and our best look yet at Batman in Suicide Squad. Plus, Agents Of SHIELD promotes an Inhuman to series regular, and teasers for Penny Dreadful. Spoilers!


Star Trek 3

Speaking to Digital Spy in a video interview, Simon Pegg says William Shatner will only return as Captain Kirk if it makes sense for the movie’s story:

William Shatner is an amazing actor, and has such an incredible body of work which transcends his time as Captain Kirk. It’s always about whether the story’s right. It’s pointless crowbarring these things in as a gimmick. That does the story and the film a disservice. I have no doubt in my mind that [Shatner] could play Captain Kirk until the day he goes off to the final frontier.

Some took these remarks to mean that the door remains open for Shatner to return — but commenting on Reddit, Shatner himself said, “I love how so much speculation occurs reading into one line in an interview.”

In that same interview, Pegg also says his recent comments about Roberto Orci’s script having been rejected for being too “Star Trekky” doesn’t mean his own script won’t be “Star Trekky” as well — saying, “This Star Trek will be as much Star Trek as it can be.” [via Comic Book]

Suicide Squad

Here’s a few more new shots from filming, featuring Batman on the roof of the Joker’s sports car:


David Ayer has also tweeted that location filming is done for the movie, stating that none of the film’s secrets have been spoiled just yet:


The Little Mermaid

Sofia Coppola has left the live-action adaptation, citing creative differences. [Deadline]


Captain America: Civil War

Stan Lee says he has already filmed his cameo for the film. [Comic Book]

Jurassic World

Here’s a new featurette discussing Colin Trevorrow’s vision for the project. [Coming Soon]

Terminator Genisys

Kyle Reese is beset by a series of unfortunate, Terminator-related events in two clips from the movie. [CBR]

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

Here’s a new poster. [/Film]


Doctor Who

Carole Ann Ford, who played original companion Susan, discusses visiting the set (and Peter Capaldi’s desire for her to return to the show):

“They invited us to the studios in Cardiff [during the filming of Last Christmas]. It was great. It was lovely to meet Peter [Capaldi]. A lovely man. I had seen some of the performances he’d done as Doctor Who, and I didn’t like the way they wrote him at the beginning. I thought, ‘What’s going on here? Give him a chance!’ They portrayed him as someone who was so prickly.”

“He started saying, ‘Oh, you should come back!” Ford continued, “’ I said, ‘Yeah, I’d love to come back!’ He was running around the TARDIS saying, ‘She’s got to come back! She’s got to come back!’”

Would she be interested in coming back, then? “Yeah, of course! Are you kidding?” she said.


[Den of Geek]


Tobias Menzies discusses the fallout of Jamie’s rape in the season finale:

“Sam and I both felt that it couldn’t just be the fact that I f—k him,” Menzies says. “That wasn’t enough.”

In addition to the physical violence depicted during the hour, the mind games Randall plays with a wounded and disoriented Jamie make for “the most complete recitation you’ve seen so far of Jack’s sadism, really,” Menzies says. “It’s the tenderness, the precision, the emotion, the lovingness of it, which makes it more chilling.”


[TV Line]

Orphan Black

Here’s the first synopses for the final two episodes of season three:

Episode 3.09 - Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow

Sarah, Felix, and Mrs. S are in London to track down the Castor Original, but their enemies are not far behind.

Episode 3.10 - History Yet To Be Written (Season Finale)

Castor and Topside force Sarah to make uneasy alliances. But there is some rest for the wicked, when Donnie gives Helena an unexpected ‘gift’, and the results of Alison’s candidacy finally come in. Even as team Leda takes a moment to breathe, change is afoot and a life hangs in the balance.


[Spoiler TV]


Here’s an extended synopsis for “On Earth As In Hell”. [Spoiler TV]

As the Countess and her son move against two of John Alden’s valued allies, Mary suffers under the yoke of Puritan oppression stemming from an alliance between the Marburgs and another of Mary’s powerful enemies in Salem. But even as she seems to be at her most hopeless, Mary tries to take advantage of a widening schism between mother and son. As John and Cotton proceed with their monumental and unfamiliar task, each must process new information and gather strength to aid them in what lies ahead. Meanwhile, wracked with guilt and sorrow, a mournful Isaac pays a surprise visit to an already somber town gathering, Anne Hale finds the fate of many may rest in her novice – but powerful – Witch’s hands, and John and Cotton get the first glimpses of the enemy they are facing.


Lost Girl

The show will return on September 6 for its final season. [Spoiler TV]


The premiere of the first episode in the series’ final season will air September 4th in Canada. [Spoiler TV]


Heroes Reborn

Sendhil Ramamurthy will return as Dr. Mohinder Suresh for a guest arc on the show. [Deadline]



The TV movie has an air date: July 31st. [TV Line]

Agents Of SHIELD

Luke Mitchell’s Inhuman character Lincoln has been promoted to series regular ahead of season 3. [TV Line]


Penny Dreadful

Vanessa confronts Ms. Poole over Sir Malcom’s recent change of character, and Ethan has Sembene chain him up in two clips from “Glorious Horrors”. [Spoiler TV]

Minority Report

Finally, TV Guide has exclusively revealed a new poster for the show.

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