Don't hold your breath for more Torchwood

Torchwood: Miracle Day has been one of the summer's great triumphs, both creatively and in the ratings. But Starz CEO Chris Albrecht tells Entertainment Weekly he doesn't see it as an annual event.

This season's order of 10 episodes is an unusually large one for their production partner, the BBC, he claims. And the question of when — and how soon — to renew Torchwood for another season depends on whether Russell T. Davies can come up with another huge premise that works for both Starz and the BBC. Davies is a busy man, hints Albrecht, and Torchwood's future depends on how high a priority it is for the Welsh producer.


Fingers crossed that Davies comes back with an irresistible premise that Starz and the BBC can't say no to. [EW, thanks to TARDIS_1975 for the heads up!]

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