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The best we can say about last night's ratings for Dollhouse and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles? I think I'm going to go with "Well, it could've been worse." Not such good news, I'm afraid.

While Terminator stayed relatively stable - essentially staying at the same ratings as last week, although this is a good thing only insofar that they didn't fall any further; last week's ratings were worryingly low, and this week CBS was airing re-runs as opposed to new programming - Dollhouse's second episode dropped 15%. While this is, according to the Hollywood Reporter's Live Feed blog, "an almost-typical second-episode slip," it comes on top of a relatively unimpressive premiere, and was, again, up against re-runs on CBS.


It's too early to claim Dollhouse as an early fatality, although these numbers don't suggest that it'll be sticking around too much, but barring a Terminator: Salvation bump (or an unusually protective Fox), you may want to start preparing for an end to The Sarah Connor Chronicles sooner rather than later.

Second 'Dollhouse' declines; 'Terminator' steady [THR Live Feed]


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